How to Fix Ads.txt issue in Adsense?

Today we discuss the solution of the Ads.txt issue coming in the Adsense Account. This incident took in place with my Adsense account also. Yesterday I have login my Adsense account. I see there is a warning notification appearing at the top of the account and showing as below.

Solution of Ads.txt Error in Adsense
How to Fix Ads.txt issue in Adsense

Generally, this error comes due to the non-integration of the Ads.txt file in your blogger/WordPress website.  To add Ads.txt to your Blogspot website read the below article.

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For WordPress, you need to install the Ads.txt plugin. Install the plugin in your WordPress site and integrate Ads.txt code as appearing in the below image:

Ads.txt plugin File
Ads.txt Plugin Setting

In first-line see,pub-1234567890, Direct, f08c47fec0942fa0, this is an example ads.txt code, You need to paste your own ads.txt code which will be available in your Google Adsense account. For fixing the issue you need to remove all other ads.txt code from other publishers and save the details. Wait for 24 to 48 hours because it will take time to update the details. Once the details update automatically in the google AdSense account, the warning will disappear from your AdSense account.

For Blogger how to resolve ads.txt error?

I am facing the same issue in my blogger blog and searching the internet for the solution but I was failed to get the solution and my error will not resolve after trying all the possible solutions available on the internet. So how I resolve my issue and get the ads.txt to apply on my blogger blog.

I have followed the instructions from online experts but that won’t work, everyone suggests copying and paste the code in the Blogger monetization option. But my friends that is not the proper and regular solution of this error.

If you want to check your ads.txt on the Blogspot website then you need to check your domain ads.txt file to follow your domain name and add /ads.txt after your domain name.

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For Example, my website name is so checking the ads.txt link should be

A list of ads.txt will be appearing on your computer screen with multiple codes, you need to search your AdSense ads.txt code here if it is integrated. If the code is appearing on the link then you need to wait for 1-2 days or if after 1-2 days it is still not updated then you need to follow this method and you can resolve your ads.txt issue guaranteed.


Click on Get Started and make your account on the website. Fill in all the required details (you must create an account on this site with the email associated with your Google Adsense). After signup, you need to confirm your email and login into the adstxtmanager portal. After login, add your website domain name to adstxtmanager website. It will take 24 hours to approve your website. Now you can see Get Started option in your adstxtmanger dashboard, click on that.

Get Started with Adstxtmanager
How to Resolve ads.txt issue on any website?

Click on Next and you can see there is lots of publisher network on the next page. Select AdSense and click on authorize. Click on next and you will get your adstxtmanager Account id, click again and Integration completed.

Now Adsense option available on right side of your adstxtmanager account, click on AdSense and it will ask you to add ads.txt data over there.

Ads.txt integration in Adstxtmanager
How to Integrate Ads.txt in Adstxtmanager

Enter your ads.txt details like the above image and save and wait for 24 hours.

After 24 hours login to your AdSense account and refresh the page. You can see the warning of ads.txt is disappear from your Adsense Account. Hope this article will resolve your issue, if not, then please mail us on [email protected]

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