How to Add ads.txt file to blogger?

How to Add ads.txt file to blogger? Ads.txt is now the main part of online digital marketing. It prevents advertisers from fake clicks and also helps publishers to get the right ads on their websites/blogs. Ads (Autorhised Digital Seller) is an IAB initiative that helps and ensures your digital ad inventory sell-through sellers (like Adsense,, Infolinks) who you have identified as authorization of your publisher account.

How to Setup Ads.txt in Blogspot?

To set up ads.txt in blogger:
  1. Sign in to your Blogger Account
  2. On the Left side, the menu bar select Settings
  3. Under Settings; click – Preferences
  4. Under Monetization Tab find Custom Ads.txt
  5. Select Yes to Enable Custom Ads.txt content
  6. A text box will appear and enter the Ads.txt codes in this box and save.
  7. Remember one thing, you can enter only 50000 maximum words in this box so choose wisely your ad network
  8. Click on Save and your ads.txt is ready to boost your earning.
How to add ads.txt in blogger account?

How to Setup Ads.txt in Blogger for Adsense?

If you are set up ads.txt the first time then you don’t need to enter AdSense code in the box, If your Google AdSense account associated with the website and fully approved then google automatically places ads.txt to your Blogspot website.

How to Setup Ads.txt in Blogger?

If you are using and want to set up ads.txt then follow these steps:
  1. Login to your Account
  2. On the right sidebar, the last option is Ads.txt Setting
  3. Click on the ads.txt setting
  4. Select your domain and click on the view option
  5. Here you can found ads.txt, Select all lines to copy and paste into your blogger ads.txt section
How to add ads.txt in account?
How to add ads.txt in account?

How to Setup Infolinks Ads.txt in Blogger?

The same process can be followed for Infolinks. Login to your Infolinks publisher account and you will automatically redirect to the Ads.txt page. Select all lines and paste them into your blogger ads.txt section (mentioned above).
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