How to add Stylish Pop up widget in Blogger Blog?

How to add Stylish Pop-up widget in Blogger Blog?

Today we discuss how to add a Stylish Pop-Up box to your website. To add a pop-up box allowing you to offer your website email subscription, increase Facebook likes, increase your website conversion and revenue, increase your daily visitors.
There is lots of website offering there pop up box codes for blogger blog but not all site is free and easy to customize, lots of website having heavy javascript or code which is cause to slow down your website.
But today we talk about a website which provides you with lots of stylish pop-up boxes with Facebook like, subscription box, contact us options. The site name is popup maker, this site allows you to create your pop up widget through the scratch and they have lots of tremendous design from which you can select a design to match with your website and all designs are purely responsive.  So lets we start:

How to Add Stylish Pop-Up widget to your Blogger Blog

First, you need to visit the website Popupmaker and register through Google or Facebook. After login, you can see there are two options available on your dashboard
  1. Create from Scratch
  2. Create from Template

You can use any of the option available on your popup maker account dashboard. Create from Scratch option allows you to create your own customize widget with your own design and colour. It will be fully responsive to your website.

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Create from Template allows you to select predefined templates from pop up maker team. There is lots of pop up theme which will be suitable for your website and also you can customize the predefined theme.

The benefit to choose from a predefined template is you only need to change the default colour, text format, design and also add an option. It saves your lots of time. Choose any theme and customize this like below:

Suppose I select Subscription widget for my website and now I customize the theme with my website look.

There is some option available to left of the widget to customize. Change the widget style as per your requirement and save. At last click on Embed Code, Copy the code appear on your screen and paste in your website. For Blogger website login to your website and go to Layout. Click on add widget – HTML / Javascript and paste the code in the text. It’s done.

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This website also has lots of tools as follows:

  1. Integration – You can link your analytics, Mailchimp subscription integration and lot more
  2. Manage Subscribers – You can easily manage your subscriber’s list if you integrate Mailchimp service on the website
  3. Autoresponder – A must use tool to engage with your subscribers, this tool sends thank you or welcome respond automatically to the viewer when he subscribes to your website.
  4. Newsletter – You can create a daily newsletter or specify notification to your viewers
  5. Push Notification – Push Notification allows you to engage with your customer with only one click subscription box.
  6. Contacts – Easily maintain your contact details which contact you through pop up widget
We can discuss all above tools in our coming post. Thank You for reading the post. Please subscribe our newsletter.
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