How to design your Blogger Website?

When you create a Blogspot website then the first thing is to design your blog to attract your viewers. Designing your blog is one of the biggest thing to make a blog very successful. Blogspot provides you with free website customization if you are using the blogger default theme. Of if you use the free template from google then you must have coding knowledge to customize your blog with free template.

How to design Blogger Website
How to design your Blogger Website?

How to design blog with default template?

The first thing is in mind is design with a default template. Google Blogspot provide you with some of the default themes in Blogspot platform. You can easily navigate for default theme to log in your blogger account, click on the theme and select theme which makes suitable to your Blogspot.

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After choosing the theme for your blog just click on Customize

Blogger Theme Customziation
How to design Blogger Website

Click on Customize and you will be navigated to options for customize your theme.

On Left side bar, you can see several options like Adjust Width, Layout, Advanced

Adjust Width:

Under this option, you can easily adjust the width of your Blogspot post screen and widget on your computer screen. Maximum Size of width will be 1500x1500px which will be more than the computer standard screen size.


Next is layout design, there is several layout options available under this option. With sidebar, single sidebar, double sidebar, both sideside bar, left side bar, right sidebar and footer sidebar.  You can choose the layout fit to your blogger blog.


This is the most useful tool to design your blogger blog. Above two options (adjust width and layout) only use for how to look your blog and on which devices your blog can fit actually.

Advanced option has features like font customization, blogger background, hyperlink colours, blog title design, blog description design, sidebar tabs text design option, tabs background colour, post title customization with fonts and colours, Date header customization, footer customization etc.

You can choose the settings to fit your blogger blog.

If you don’t know about designing and don’t have time to self-design

your blog then you can download free themes from google. Several popular free theme platforms are Themeforest, Gooyabi Template, Sora Templates, Blogger Premium Templates. Each website has categorized templates for easy and best use for any blogger blog.

Choose the right template for your blog and upload to your Blogspot website, go to Theme – Customize – Restore and select the downloaded template and click on upload.

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Benefits of third party free downloaded theme

  1. The first benefit is you don’t need to design it.
  2. Mostly each theme is SEO friendly
  3. All Theme is mobile friendly
  4. Lots of themes are available in multi colours
  5. Maximum themes also Ads ready with AdSense, so you can easily apply for Google Adsense and get easy approval.
  6. There are two types of themes, Paid and Free.

Free themes have some encrypted scripts which can cause your website redirect to developer site after a trial period over. Paid themes don’t have any encrypted scripts and you can also remove footer credits and mention your own name instead of developer name.  You also get the developer support with free themes, so always try to get the paid theme and you can get some complimentary design options from developers.

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