How to find any website CMS platform?

Do you think ever on which platform Google, Yahoo, Facebook works? Or some times you visit on a website and thing on which platform this website is working. How to find any website CMS platform? Some of the best website builders are as follows:

  1.  WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Blogspot
  4. Squarespace
  5. Wix
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WordPress is the most popular and useful tool to build a website. This is a self-hosted platform, you need to buy web hosting to create your own WordPress website.  It is a highly customizable website builder, lots of tools to customize a WordPress website.

Joomla is also a self-hosted website platform and this is also a highly customizable website platform.

Blogspot is a Google-hosted platform, it is totally free for everyone. You can purchase a domain name for your BlogSpot website or you can design a free Blogspot website.

Squarespace is a different website builder which gives you lots of tools. You can create a free normal website through this website builder.

Wix is also a free website builder for a normal website.

But do you know the difference if you visit these platforms websites? WordPress has the best URL structure in all of them, you can easily convert your Joomla or BlogSpot website into a WordPress website.

Tally Knowledge is my one of the website which is on BlogSpot platform but you can’t find anywhere if you are a normal viewer of the website.

Sometimes when you visit on a website or need to start your own website you need to know the right platform of your website.

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How to identify the platform of a website?

To know about any website platform you need to install a Chrome Extension which is called Wappalyzer. This is a chrome extension to know about the website platform.

What Wappalyzer show of a website?

  1. CMS platform
  2.  Analytics Platform
  3. Java Script Framework
  4. Video Players on website
  5. Font Scripts
  6. Frameworks
  7. Advertisers
  8. Text Identifier
  9. Database and programming language

As above list is full of detailed analysis of a website, and it shows that on which platform website work. For example, you can see the below image:

How to find any website platform?
How to find any website platform?

In red circle, Extension is showing you on which platform my website running, it is WordPress. Now we see another example of my other website as below:

How to find CMS of any website?
How to find CMS of any website?

So we see two examples of website cms one is of WordPress and one is of Blogspot. Hope you can find the correct way to choose your website builder.

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