How to recover corrupt Hard disk or Pendrive data easily?

I was working on a file which was saved in my pen drive. After finishing the work I have copied the file on the system and remove the original file from Pendrive. But I was shocked that the copied file was corrupted and not open to working. I was so puzzled and confused about what to do? how to recover pendrive data easily?

So I was trying to recover the data through any software and I have just found the software. The software is MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Thanks to the power utility of the software, I have recovered my file.

When I told my friend the whole incident he gives me a corrupt hard disk and wants my help to recover all the documents from the Hard disk. Surprisingly, this software also recovers the corrupted data from the hard disk.

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So let’s check how we can recover data from deleted or corrupt hard disk or pen drive.

First, you need to download the software from the Minitool Power Recovery official website.  You can easily recover 1GB data from free version so if you have up to 1GB then the free version is ok for you. But if you have large data then you need to pay for license version and there is no data recovery limit in the paid version.

After installation software will be open like this (Screenshot is the basis of older version):

Minitool Power Data Recovery
Minitool Power Data Recovery

Click on Lost Partition Recovery option and it will ask you to select the location of corrupted or deleted disk or Pendrive.

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Minitool power recovery Selection page
Minitool power recovery Selection page

It will scan the whole Pendrive or hard disk. If it is a Pendrive having low capacity storage then it will hardly take the time of 15 Minutes but if it is a large storage size device then it will take a long time. Some time it will take more than 1 hour.

Minitool Power Data recovery option
Minitool Power Data recovery option

Select folder or file in the list and click on save, software ask you to save the file on the specified location. It’s Done

This is the best software I have used ever to recover the data.

Click here to download the full version to use the Personal License version with unlimited data recovery.

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Here is some of the Cons and Pros of the Software

  1. If you want to save important data, partition a drive to separate it from the operating system.
  2. I did not want to reinstall Windows 10, especially because I did the free upgrade from Windows8. Reinstall Win8, then try to figure out how to get the free upgrade to Win10 again.
  3. Especially this program will be useful if you have deleted an important document that needs to be urgently restored. And it will be enough free version of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
  4. This magnificent tool can really entire missing data (and nerves), it works almost perfectly with most kind of storage devices.
  1. Sometimes the recovered files are corrupted and its really hard to pinpoint a file because its renamed and I had to open up every file and check them
  2. Finding and recovering files takes a lot of time sometimes, but the drive is probably mostly to blame for that.
  3. MiniTool Power Data Recovery has helped me many times to recover lost data in different situations.
  4. I was able to retrieve information from my disk drives that I thought had been lost.
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