The King of Fighters 98 Combo Hack

The King of Fighters Combo Hack Free Download

The King of fighters series is one of the most successful gaming series of all time. The game was developed by SNK Corporation. The first game of KOF was launched in 25th August 1994 named The King of Fighters 94 by SNK Corporation.

After that company launch each year a new version of the game till 2005. In this time company launch 11 different versions with the addition of new characters and remove some failed characters. The King of Fighters has so many versions and again this is the most popular game of all time because the game also rules in M.U.G.E.N Edition.

As compared to other versions, King of Fighters 98 is the most successful version of the series, because it has moves of combine combos of Maximum attach with normal punches or moves.

In addition to this, some of the developers made a mod or alter the game characters. It is easily can be done in M.A.M.E version. The King of Fighters 98 combo hack is an altered version of this game which has too many combos and unlimited moves till player life finished. I also confirm that the game has so much difficulty level of character which you can’t beat like Iori and Omega Rugal.

King of Fighters 98 Combo Hack
King of Fighters 98 Combo Hack

As I above mentioned that there is 99 hits combos available in the game:

King of Fighters 98 Combo Hack Free Download
King of Fighters 98 Combo Hack 99 Hits

This is a Winkawaks Neo Geo Game and you need winkawaks emulator to play this game. But don’t worry we have emulated the game in Winkawaks and readily available to play.

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