Microsoft warns of Android ransomware MalLocker.B

MalLocker.B new ransomware of Android Mobiles

Microsoft just warns android users from new Android Ransomware. This new ransomware named MalLocker.B. This ransomware will be spread from the online forum or downloading website.  The ransomware is hiding in a malicious application and accesses your phone screen. So do not download any external software other than google play store. So if it is necessary to download an app mod from outside google play then ignore.

Android Ransomware MalLocker.B

This ransomware accesses your phone screen and asks you to pay to unlock your phone. This work same as like computer ransomware. If you know about computer ransomware in which your system only open if you pay the ransom money otherwise your system will block for life.

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The same method is applicable in this android ransomware called MalLocker.B. It accesses your phone screen and shows notification of payment to a random account. If you don’t pay then you lost your phone for always like a computer. But this ransomware did not encrypt your phone, you can access your phone but the ransomware apparently appears on each screen. You can not access your phone options because this ransomware take benefit of notifications and held up your phone on each option you try.

According to Microsoft “This malware does not encrypt your phone and not block access of your phone but ransomware appear on your phone screen each time. This ransomware did not allow you to change security setting or reset the phone.  A ransom note always appears on the screen and ask you to pay to remove this ransom notification.

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As per Microsoft code of this ransomware is easy but it can be spread easily from one phone to another phone. This does not confirm that this ransomware steals your personal details but it is confirmed that this ransomware makes your phone totally useless. So beware and do not install any app outside google play store.

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