What is Ezoic and How to increase earning by 200%?

What is Ezoic and How to increase earning by 200%?

In today’s era, every 2nd person is trying to enter the Digital world and wants to earn lots of money through an online presence. Youtube and Blogging is the best platform to earn online. Blogging is one of the useful platforms to make your presence online through your knowledge and tricks. But to earn big you must have big ideas, your content and ideas must be unique and different. If your site becomes popular then you can easily apply for a publisher program.

Some of the popular platforms is as follows:

  1. Google Adsense Google is the undisputed king of the advertising market. Google holds a 1st position in earning sharing and faith in google products. (Note this is the main source if you want to join Ezoic). It is difficult to get AdSense approval.
  2. Media.Net Media.net is another faithful platform for all publishers. Not much difficult to get Media.net approval.
  3. Taboola – One of the most useful platform after google AdSense. Difficult to get approval from Taboola.
  4. Amazon Affiliate Program– Amazon affiliate program is also a good platform to earn online by selling the products. Not difficult to get approval, you only need a website to earn from an amazon affiliate.
  5. Infolinks – Infolinks is an inline text ads platform. This is undoubtedly is the best platform to show ads in your website text through hyperlinks.
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Now we are talking about Ezoic. Ezoic is an automated platform to show ads on your website through its intelligent AI optimization tool. Ezoic serves AdSense ads on your website through your Google Adsense account. It competes with other publishers and also automatically changes the place of the ads according to the visitor’s interest. It is a highly customizable platform and works automatically. You only need to place placeholders of Ezoic and the rest will be done by Ezoic intelligent AI optimization tool. For applying Ezoic you must have a Google Adsense account without any restriction. Ezoic instantly increases your earnings by 200% like the below image.

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Adsense Earning before Ezoic
Adsense Earning before Ezoic


Above image is showing you to increase in earning slowly but when we generate some quality traffic it goes like rocket (refer below image)

Adsense Earning After Ezoic
Adsense Earning After Ezoic

You can clearly see that earnings for the month of Feb and March increase 200% in May and June.

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